On December 1st the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will begin doing maintenance work on the south end of Belton Dam. The main work will be in the outflow area just below the dam and will last for at least 4 months. The southern entrance to Miller Springs Nature Center will no longer be accessible because the entrance to Miller Springs Park on Lake Road will be closed. The North entrance at the north end of the dam will be unaffected.

Bicycle access to the park from the south end will no longer be possible. Bicycle access might still be possible by crossing the pipe fence along the emergency spillway, paralleling the mural wall to the east end and then returning to the west end along the top of the mural wall. Then descend the concrete conduit to the north end of the dam and down the access road to the left or on to the kiosk and then through the forest. It is not clear if the kiosk access will remain open or not at this time.

A second project is scheduled to begin on Nov 24th. The trees around the emergency spillway and dam in several places will be removed to allow easier access in case of flooding. Initial work will close the entire Armadillo trail. While both the Armadillo trail and the Miller Springs Park entrance are closed no bikes will be able to access the bike trails. Stay tuned!