Plant Lists

Invasive Plants

Commom Mullein - Verbascum thapsus

Dangerous Plants

Poison Ivy


Black Swallowtail



We have lots more strange and interesting critters on our CRITTERS page!

Special thanks to C. Newsom for providing the Miller Springs Nature Center with this wonderful material.

Special Request

The Miller Springs Alliance is working hard to improve and maintain the trails and animal habitat in the Nature Center. This includes the grooming of trails, removal of fallen trees, removal of more than a thousand invasive trees and thousands of invasive plants in the past year alone. It also includes the construction of animal habitats.

All of this work is done by volunteers and we need your donations and help! Please sign up for “Friends of the Park News” (right column) to be notified of upcoming volunteer events. All purchases of tools and other materials critical to improving and maintaining the park are made using donations by the general public and the occasional grant by local groups. Please visit our donations page to help us support the nature center!