Volunteers, come one come all! For those of you who are interested in helping keep the park the wonderful experience that it is, you are invited to join us every second Thursday of every month. In the winter, during the cooler weather, we meet at 1pm in the Nature Center parking lot on the north side of Belton Dam. We have tasks at all levels of difficulty and can accommodate people of all ages. Work usually continues until about 4pm. Long pants,  long sleeved shirts, and gloves are best.  Simple gardening tools such as clippers, pruning saws, or loppers are useful.

If you are unable to join us during the week we also have Saturday volunteer days. These will be announced on our facebook page. (You do not need to have a facebook account!)

If you would like to receive emails of our volunteer days then please fill out the form on our contact page. (All of your information is strictly confidential.)

If you need directions to the park have a look at our convenient Google maps on our trails page.