• Life threatening injuries – Call 911
  • If you are unable to leave the park due to a broken bone or other debilitating injury – Call 911
  • Snake Bites
    • Note the time of the bite, remove any items that might constrict any swelling and cut off blood flow.
    • Call the poison center for instructions – 1-800-222-1222
    • Do not try to treat the wound – no cutting, no tourniquets, no ice, no alcohol
    • Wash the bitten area with soap and water if possible.
    • Elevate the bitten area to the level of the heart.
    • Do not drink alcohol.
    • Do not take medications or pain relievers without a doctors orders.
    • To id the snake you may look at the following page.
  • Insect or Spider bites
    • People with special allergies should carry an EPI-pen and call 911 if stung or bitten.
    • If you have breathing problems wheezing or swelling around the lips or tongue – call 911.
    • Remove stinger if possible
    • Wash with soap and water if possible
    • For excessive itching or irritation, call the poison center. 1-800-222-1222
    • For wasp and bee stings ice the affected area for 10 to 30 minutes after the sting.

The Miller Springs Nature Center is serviced by the Temple Fire Department and EMS.

Source: Texas Poison Center Network 1-822-222-1222