Our next volunteer day

at Miller Springs is fast approaching!!! It will be on Saturday, May 31st from 8:30am-1pm. We will be continuing our North Area beautification projects with the replacement of 120 feet of the dilapidated and broken fence at the rear of the parking lot. So please come and give us a hand! If you have them please bring work gloves, hammers and portable drills with phillips screwdriver bits. Be sure to bring water and bug repellant as well.

We hope to see you there!

During our last big volunteer day

we had a great turnout of 19 helpers and were able to

  • Compost, cover and mulch about 100 feet of beds along the north fence;
  • Weed-eat more than 100 additional feet of the bed as well;
  • Cut back much of the the heavy spring undergrowth along the edge of the parking lot;
  • Cut down the weeds growing in the cracks of the parking lot.

The signs are all around us!

Last Sunday we succeeded in installing a map of the Nature Center in the kiosk at the head of the Armadillo trail just above the Mural Wall. There are 3 trailheads there as well as the access trail to the many trails around the Green Pond. People began using the map before we were even able to finish the installation. This is the fourth new map to be installed in the nature center and we have two more to go!